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What is web accessibility?

An accessible (or inclusive) website, is one which is available to use for everyone. The designers and developers responsible for it have considered all different types of users including those who use Assistive Technology (AT) such as a screen-reader.

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How do we help?

We believe that web accessibility is both a technical problem and a political problem. You cannot win unless you have approval from everyone in the process from the Board of Directors to the Creative Director, Product Owners, Designers, Developers, Content Designers, and QA (Quality Assurance) engineers. Everyone in the organisation has to believe that the process of making a website accessible is just something they do. They do not need to be passionate about it, they just need to understand it is required part of their job.

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Who do we help?

We have transformed large brands like Eurostar and boutique fashionwear brands like &Daughter to have more inclusive websites.

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