Writing good call to action copy

A call to action is a link or button that we want to draw our user's attention to and get them to interact with. A good example of this is a button which opens a modal containing a website's terms and conditions.

<button type="button">Click me</button>

but that example has bad wording. 'Click me' tells the user to do something but it has 2 immediate problems…

  1. What will it do?
  2. Can the user click, or will they tap, or use a keyboard?

…so how can we improve it? How about this…

<button type="button">Open terms & conditions modal</button>

Out of context this tells me what will happen when I action this button: it will open a modal with the terms and conditions information.

The use of the action word/verb 'Open' encourages the user to do something. The context of 'Terms & conditions' says 'what' they will open and the word 'modal' adds even more context because it's telling the user it will open in the context of a modal (dialog).

A pattern to follow

ACTION WORD followed by CONTEXT e.g.

Sidenote about modals

Ok, let's not get into an argument about modals and design. Let's assume the modal pattern has been approved already by the UX/Product team and it isn't changing.

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