Documentation & technical writing on web accessibility

Providing guidance to developers on how to code accessibly. Either by providing simple examples they can replicate in their more complex work or by writing documentation for them to follow.

Documentation is so powerful, by writing down and sharing (in an easy to access place) the way you want developers to work, it is easy to reference and easy to them to follow.

Some documentation examples

Documenting more complex components

For 90% of components on a website/design system, Aaccessibility can be achieved by using the correct semantic element coupled with good content design. However, some components are more complex and for those, we write an accessible experience document that details exactly what we want the developer to code. How each interaction should work for a keyboard user and how a screen-reader should announce the component too. This is then shared with all team members - not just developers but UX and UI so they can understand and agree the approach.

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